NSS Care was founded in 2020 to provide the freedom for the elderly to remain in their homes and to their relatives.

We offer all aspects of care from anything to Medication, food preparation, hospital visits, wake up and put to bed calls as well as domestic duties.

Beyond these services, we also wanted to ensure that our service users are part of the community as we know that enjoying life is highly beneficial to physical and mental well-being. Activities might include visits to the park, cinema, tea shops or shopping. This is an area we want to give greater focus.

At present we are limited to places to visit due to COVID-19, but where possible a simple thing like a walk in the park is important. We ensure all PPE is worn at all times, to prevent spreading any infections. Hand washing and sanitation is part of our induction period, which includes hands on training and updates.

Our core focus is to ensure our team maintain a first class service at home. Tailoring to a person’s centre care to each individual within the communities of Dartford, Bexley and surrounding areas.

We aim to give the best services for cleaning with even better prices, we also offer shopping collection and a service to wipe down any groceries, prior to putting them away. We can arrange for our staff to be at your home whilst your shopping is delivered.

Please click the link below to find testimonials written on behalf of NSS cares Owner Naomi Snooks.

Our Service is for cleaning and care, with our cleaning side being very competitive and can be arranged by a simple call anytime on 07984592592.

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NSS Care and Cleaning Services